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Regional Offices

The role of the regional offices is to co-ordinate the Kenya Sugar Board activities in their respective sugar zones.

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Information Technology

The ICT department is where the Board's sound ICT policies are formulated and implemented towards the achievement of the overall goals of the organization.

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Corporate Secretariat

The Corporate Secretariat provides or procures legal advice in a pro-active, timely, cost-effective and professional manner with a view to furthering the corporate objectives and protecting stakeholders interests.

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Sugar Technology

The Sugar Technology Department is committed to enhancing the operational efficiency of the Kenyan Sugar Industry through policy formulation, regulation, effective monitoring of policy implementation and evaluation of performance.

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Public Relations

The Public Relations Unit is committed to the development and implementation of effective strategies and programmes that will engender cordial and mutually beneficial relationships between KSB and its Publics.

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Sugar Development Fund

The Sugar Development Fund (SDF) Department is committed to proper management of the sugar development fund to ensure sustainable funding for the development of the industry.

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Internal Audit

Internal Audit Department is committed to providing independent and objective quality assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the Board’s operations.

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Human Resources

The Human Resource Department is committed to the formulation and implementation of HR policies that ensure achievement of KSB Human Resource objectives.

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The Finance department is committed to the development and implementation of sound financial policies and systems to ensure optimal utilization of the Board's financial resources.

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Corporate Planning

The Corporate Planning Department is committed to policy formulation and implementation of corporate strategies, data collection, analysis, dissemination and forecasting production, consumption and pricing for the sugar industry products, to ensure efficient operation of the industry.

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The Agriculture Department is committed to effective formulation and implementation of world-class agricultural practices that will enhance efficiency and sustainable sugarcane production in the Kenyan sugar industry.

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Role of the Kenya Sugar Board

The Kenya Sugar Board is charged with the responsibility of regulating, developing and promoting the Kenya Sugar Industry. Its specific roles are... Read More

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